Who Is Celia?

We are Celia Loves. Your Scent BFF.

We’re a creative bunch of humans, from all walks of life - Mum’s, sisters, partners, girlfriends and wives. But what brings us all together? A damn good scent (or few!) and a Johnny Farnham ballad - we’re gonna burn for you! 

Also, you need to relax. Sound familiar? You know when you’re having a little tiff with your partner about the correct way to stack the dishwasher and they say “you need to relax” and it’s slightly patronising and makes you feel very un-relaxed? Well, that’s us – but much, much less patronising (and no dishwashers involved).

Celia Loves is all about infusing a bit of self-care (or self-indulgence) into your day. Because life is busy, and we all need to relax once in a while (your partner is, annoyingly, right).

Meet The Founder

A candle-obsessed former corporate dweller and founder of Celia Loves, Stefi Kerby started the business in her garage after making her own candles for around the home.

The urge to burn (constantly) was becoming too expensive and so she started creating her own soy wax candles that she knew were good for her and her family (to-be). Naturally, this grew to gifting to family and friends and before long these great smelling candles had epic designs to match.

Fast-forward to present day, Celia Loves is stocked in retail stores across Australia and ships globally.

The brand is known for their bold, vibrant and iconic packaging. Your scent BFF and candles made to burn, not collect dust.

Vegan-friendly candles - say what?!

Ok, here are the facts straight up. We use soy wax (no beeswax), cotton wicks and high-grade glass vessels. This means we use quality products and they’re a-ok for our vegan friends too. They’re hand-poured by Stefi and the team on the surfocast, Victoria ensuring each product is quality checked before being sent to you! Above all, we work with a ridiculously talented fragrance team to create original, outrageously yummy scents that are bold, vibrant and so darn delicious you’ll want one for every room in the house.


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