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You need to relax. Sound familiar? You know when you’re having a little tiff with your partner about the correct way to stack the dishwasher and they say “you need to relax” and it’s slightly patronising and makes you feel very un-relaxed? Well, that’s us – but much, much less patronising (and no dishwashers involved).

We’re a fun-loving bunch of babes at Celia Loves HQ, led by our fragrance muse and big boss lady, Stefi Kerby. We use vegan-friendly products and only the finest ingredients to ensure your candles are burning proudly (and ethically) in your home. And whilst they smell good enough to eat, we advise otherwise, you cheeky thing! Our team is made up of family, friends and a few extras that we call family too.

Celia Loves has a personality all of her own, meet… (you guessed it) Celia. Celia is your scent BFF, you can come to her for all of your favourite scent how-to’s, hacks and products all in one. Hell, we’ll add in some of our favourite tunes too.

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Made with all the good vibes

Good vibes, bold scents and epic products. You’ve got 99 problems, but your scent won’t be one!

  • Hand-poured on the Surf Coast
  • Original and iconic scents
  • Epically cool packaging designed by Celia Loves
  • Soy candles - free from cruelty and nasties
  • 100% cotton wick - this ensures an even burn
  • Reusable packaging AND vessel
  • Family-owned and operated


Meet the founder

Hello! I’m Stefi, a candle-obsessed former corporate dweller and founder of Celia Loves. 

As a chronic candle burner, my urge to burn was getting a little bit expensive and I knew that paraffin wax isn’t great to inhale so I set about learning how to pour my own natural soy wax candles. After completely failing the first few times [file under: #PinterestFail] something clicked and all of a sudden I was making more candles than I could burn. Naturally, I started gifting them to friends and family.

After having my second cherub and running my own business, I realised there is literally no downtime to relax. While the buzzword 'balance' is actually really important, it means different things to everyone. For me, I wanted to create a product that was beneficial and allowed people to slow down in their own way. 

I hope that Celia Loves can help you achieve some of that elusive balance.


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