Celia's Mind: A peek into our design process at Celia Loves

I bet you’re here because you love design, fancy things and have a keen nose for delectable scents. If you’re anything like me, your abandoned cart is exploding with chic, luxurious and *slightly* indulgent items (according to some people).
You’re probably a high-low spender - nay - a savvy buyer (and you know what good value means). 
It’s this exact experience that brought Celia Loves to life - craving a boujee product experience that elevates your space (and your gifting game) but *doesn’t* burn holes in your pockets.
Five years on, and SO many product launches later our purpose remains the same: to infuse self-indulgence into your daily rituals and elevate your everyday moments with luxurious and affordable scented experiences.  
The way I see it, if all you’ve done today is burn your favourite scented candle, you’re slaying life.
On that note, I’m *so* excited to invite you to peer into our iconic design and product development process (the very process that has brought you all of your favourite boujee burns) and reveal what might become your new favourite home fragrances. (I’m annoyingly confident that they *will* be your new scented candle and room  spray obsessions). 
Love, Celia xx
P.S. did we mention that we are Australian made, designed, and loved? Big slay. 


Confession: we hate vanilla fragrances.
IMO, they’ve secured a pretty bad rap thanks to the sickly sweet fragrances from decades past. But if lowrise jeans, ballet flats and bubble skirts have taught us anything, it’s that everything deserves a second chance. Except for skinny jeans, they can GTFO forever. 
Like everything else we do at Celia Loves, it’s all about YOU. You, bestie, are our ultimate muse. 
In a new and unexpected direction, we have worked closely with our perfume house to curate a vanilla fragrance that we would want to actually burn in our own homes. Because if we wouldn’t use it in our own space, we don’t expect you to either. 
Now we *know* that you love our signature fruity and floral scent profiles, so we’ve brought those into the top and middle notes with fresh peach, coconut, pineapple and jasmine, then combined them with a dreamy, creamy base of vanilla and caramel.
Cue: classic vanilla, but not like you’ve smelt before. 
(obvs, these are available in our 195gms and 395gms scented soy candles and our iconic room sprays). 
As with all of our designs, Vanilla Muse needed an iconic look that was original (as per) and reflective of current fashion trends. Animal print is having an absolute MOMENT thanks to some of our favourite fashion-forward brands like Acne, Rat & Boa and GANNI, so it felt right to lean into that space and create our very own scented version. We are Y2K queens, after all.
Can we get a yeehaw cowgirl?!


Hype Girl is in our DNA and we all need that reminder that we’re slaying the day *Passionfruit & Guava is for you*. 
Evocative of an endless vacation mood, the main inspiration for this fragrance was, honestly, our seasonal depression kicking in (IYKYK).
Scent has a magical ability to transport you to another place or moment in time, so consider this fragrance your one-way ticket to a year-round summer. 
In true Celia style, we’ve curated the kind of scent profile we *know* you can’t get enough of. We’ve combined all of your favourite fruity and floral notes (think passionfruit, raspberry, peach, jasmine, rose and rhubarb) but done something a bit left-of-field but low-key genius and added toasted almonds to the base. The result? A beautiful, warming finish that will wrap you up and make your space feel welcoming and relaxed. 
(obvs, these are available in our 195gms and 395gms scented soy candles and our iconic room sprays). 
We’re obsessed with the preppy aesthetic that’s trending, so naturally we had to inject this into our packaging design with our own spin on the quintessential tartan. 

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