How to choose the right scented candle for your space

So you’ve decided to purchase a scented candle. Firstly, congratulations—it’s our humble opinion that a good scented candle is the perfect addition to any room.

We know how hard it can be to choose a scented candle that suits your space. We know, because this is one of the top questions we get asked at Celia Loves.

The wrong fragrance can dramatically change the atmosphere of the room, or make you not want to light it if you don’t like the scent. We especially don’t want you choosing a Celia Loves candle and finding out it’s not the scent for you (although, let’s be honest, all our scents are pretty fabulous).

So, how can you pick the right candle for your space? We’ve compiled our top tips for making sure you get the perfect candle for your room of choice.

What do you like the smell of?

The first (and most important) step in choosing the right candle is figuring out what scents you already like. Have a think about which scents you naturally gravitate towards in your everyday life.

Do you *love* smelling roses? Maybe the scent of freshly washed linen? Or maybe you really like the smell of newly cut grass. Each of these scents has a different scent category that they belong to, and it’s important that you choose a candle scent that aligns with what you love.

If you’re into woody, musky scents, go for something like our Green Moss + Vanilla candle. Or, if you’re obsessed with fruity smells, try Chilled Sangria.

Stay true to you, because it’s for your space, right?

‘Tis the season (to choose a fab fragrance)

Another thing you’ve got to think about is the season. While you can choose whatever scent you like, sometimes wintry scents can be a little heavy for those hot summer days — and vice versa.

In summer, you’ll want to opt for lighter, fruitier, fresher scents. In winter? A deeper, woody, spicy fragrance is what you should go for.

If you need a little help with this, here are our picks for each season:

Winter: Vanilla Muse

Spring: Pink Himalayan Salt

Summer: Passionfruit + Guava

Autumn: Pistachio + Caramel


Nobody puts candle in the corner

Next up: Where are you putting your new scented candle?

Is it going in the bathroom, the living room, or your bedroom? Where you plan on placing your new candle has a big impact on which candle you should purchase. The right candle in the wrong room can totally change the vibe that you’re going for.

That being said, some spaces can handle a variety of different scents, while others are a little more restricted.

The bathroom, for example, should ideally have a scent that is light and clean (even in winter). So, go for citrusy, green, or maybe floral scents.

For the living room or bedroom, the scent depends more on the decor of your room than anything else. If it’s light-coloured and coastal, then you’ll want a light, fresh scent. A darker room with dark wooden features should have a scent that is woody or spicy.

Set the mood, baby

And, last but not least, no matter which room you want to put your candle in, you should consider the mood. This ties in with the decor, but it also might just be dependent on the time of day you want to light your candle.

Is it for the morning, and you want a light scent to wake you up? Or maybe it’s evening and you’re setting the mood for some alone time with your fave Netflix show and a block of chocolate.


When choosing your candle, think about the mood you’re wanting to set.

Your checklist for choosing a scented candle:

  1. Does it match smells that you already like?
  2. Does it suit the season that you’re going to be burning it in?
  3. Does it belong in the room you’re buying it for?
  4. Does it set the right mood?

If all else fails, step number one is most important. Get a scented candle that you love, because that’s who the candle is for! Scented candles are designed for you to relax and unwind, so think about number one (we don’t mean step one, we mean you, silly). Don't forget, Celia Loves is made to burn, not collect dust. 


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