Zoom The Cool Girl - Scented Room Spray Bundle (PREORDER)
Zoom The Cool Girl - Scented Room Spray Bundle (PREORDER)

The Cool Girl - Scented Room Spray Bundle (PREORDER)


*Please note that this product is PREORDER ONLY and will be shipping from Monday 24th June 2024*


Because four room sprays are better than one, right? We’ve taken all the hassle out of choosing *just one* fragrance and created an effortlessly cool bundle of sophisticated fragrances for those chasing that cool girl aesthetic.

These four scent portfolios will elevate your signature scent game with luxurious notes of black cherry, green moss, soft rose and pistachio. Unexpected layers of honey, butter and warm musk make this bundle oh-so-smooth. 

Velvet Cherry 50ml

Green Moss & Vanilla 50ml

Rose Heart 50ml

Chilled Sangria 50ml

Handcrafted on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Celia Loves triple scented room & linen sprays have been carefully curated to instantly elevate your everyday moments and *seriously* scent your space. Featuring chic vessels and new iconic packaging, they’re a luxe addition to any space (and an epic gift that will get you LOTS of brownie points). 

Fragrance sophisticated & smooth  

Hand poured on Victoria’s Surf Coast

The best Australian Scented Room Sprays 

Triple scented 

The Cool Girl - Scented Room Spray Bundle (PREORDER)



Stay scented with our candles, hand poured on Victoria's Surf Coast

Epically Cool Packaging

Incredible design is at the heart of everything we do here at Celia Loves

Statement Scents

Bold fragrances to elevate every day and create merry moments

Hey You! Great to meet you!

We’re a fun-loving bunch of humans at Celia Loves HQ, led by our fragrance muse and big boss lady, Stefi Kerby. We use vegan-friendly products and only the finest ingredients to ensure your candles are burning proudly (and ethically) in your home. And whilst they smell good enough to eat, we advise otherwise, you cheeky thing! Our team is made up of family, friends and a few extras that we call family too. 

Celia Loves has a personality all of her own, meet… (you guessed it) Celia. Celia is your scent BFF, you can come to her for all of your favourite scent how-to’s, hacks and products all in one. Hell, we’ll add in some of our favourite tunes too. In fact, we have those Dinner Party Sound playlists perfectly paired with fragrance.

We hope that Celia Loves brings a boldness to elevate your every day.

Stefi xo   

We are Celia Loves. Your Scent BFF.

Celia Loves is a vibrant fragrance collection, made to burn. Hand-poured on Victoria’s Surf Coast, we produce a range of epic candles and diffusers to ensure your space is scented to perfection.

Good vibes, bold scents and epic products. You’ve got 99 problems, but your scent won’t be one!

Also, you need to relax. Sound familiar? You know when you’re having a little tiff with your partner about the correct way to stack the dishwasher and they say “you need to relax” and it’s slightly patronising and makes you feel very un-relaxed? Well, that’s us – but much, much less patronising (and no dishwashers involved).

Celia Loves is all about infusing a bit of self-care (or self-indulgence) into your day. Because life is busy, and we all need to relax once in a while (your partner is, annoyingly, right).


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